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I had a issue with our dishwasher, the casing started to come off, when i called customer service and asked about it they said my warranty was up and that i would have to pay for somebody just to come look at it, i said that it was either a design flaw or a flaw with how it was billed, they laughed and said there is no design flaw and that i was doing something wrong, when i spoke to the customer service manager, he was arrogant and when i asked to speak to his boss, he said sure, but did not hear anything, so i called head office in Toronto and asked to speak with the customer services manager's superior, i left a message but did not hear back, There attitude is their product is perfect and if anything goes wrong with the product outside of that then it is your issue because the product is perfect according to the people who work there.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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hello i would like to report back that after posting a comment on their facebook page and then sending a email to the front office i finally got what i initally asked for...consideration. i am very surprised and grateful that they are now fixing the issue i had for free. so thank you bosch (the person at the top) for finally hearing what i had to say and fixing the issue and for apoligizing for how i was treated


Dear Mr Franklin, i have been in the customer service industry for 17 years and initally spoke to them in a grounded calm manner but when i get unprofessional responses and i am not heard then change of tactics is necessary


I have found Bosch customer service to be considerant, business like and very responsive. Of course I have not presented myself to them in an abrasive way or as a highly pissed-off customer either.

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